FJBottle is the water bottle brand of Zhejiang Feijian Industry and Trade Co. Established in 2004, the company is a professional sports drinkware and insulated vacuumware company.. We strive to make better products with better quality and price, while improving customer service.

Our Philosophy

We have incorporated a design that is about colour, nature, fun and design. May our water bottle become a part of you so that wherever you go, you will remember to take it with you, offering you a new experience.

Our philosophy is to "change the way you drink water".

Tell a Story

He is an outdoor enthusiast, but drinking water outdoors is a hassle. Cheap water dispensers leak and don't keep water warm & cold well, making drinking inconvenient and safety a concern. This sense of loss made him want to create a simple, safe product that everyone could take with them when they were outdoors to protect their health....