Our story


"Transform the way you drink"


The FJbottle story starts with a man who sought to create a simple,useful, safe product everyone could carry anywhere they needed to.It’s a story about how he realized there’s nothing more essential thanwater in our life, as it’s the main source to preserve and boost our health,both in the smallest village and the busiest metropolis, day after day,generation after generation. That’s how he decided to produce somethingwho could transform the way people access water and beverages,making sure it could be done in a safe, environmentally sustainable andsatisfying way by anyone, anywhere.


From being a tiny drop in the ocean of the water bottlesmarket, FEIJIAN became a brand that keeps safety and sustainability atits very core, when creating its portable, fashionable products, engineeredto stand the test of time and customers’ needs.Today our indisputable experience in designing and manufacturing waterdrinking solutions has led us to the global market, and we still strive toshare our unflinching commitment to shape a 0 carbon footprint future,together with a healthier, safer, more natural way to preserve and enjoyour water and beverages.