Product Highlights

1.Hygienic opening and closing

2.BPA-free, Lead-free; LFGB certification

3.Keep warm for 12 hours, keep cold for 24 hours

4.Practical non-slip design

5.We will provide gray replacement caps in the future to extend the life of the bottle.

How to get your kids to drink more water

FJbottle shares 3 easy tips with you

1. Fun kids water bottle

Let your child choose his or her favourite bottle in the FJbottle shop.

2.Flavored water

Making calorie-free, fruit-flavored water,it can help a juice-addicted kid make the transition to water.

3.Add fruit

Adding a few lemon slices or some berries to a pitcher or bottle of water gives it a great flavor without adding any unwanted sugar.

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